How Would You Imagine A Feed store?

Have you ever walked into a feed store and looked around at what is offered for your little friends at home AKA your pets? When I wrote Grains of Truth, I had to do some research and visit some feed stores to get an idea about what one might experience when entering. (Although I have visited some in the past, I normally went in and out without really taking the time to actually experience it). Upon entering, you can hear the sounds of the filters from the fish tanks, the smell of the grains and even see the array of items for your animals ranging from different types of bowels, leashes and even treats. Of course every aisle is dedicated to a different friend: birds, aquarium life, dogs, cats and even large animals like horses.

In my story, Grains of Truth, the characters work in a family-operated feed store in Texas. Zoe, one of the main characters is the bookkeeper and Sarah, the other main character, just works there during the day while going to school at night. The interesting pa…

Happy "Juneary"


Happy "Juneary"! No, this is not a practical joke as much as I want it to be! It is the weather playing wonderful tricks on us!

It was a beautiful three-day holiday weekend over here in California. I am sure some of you took full advantage of the beautiful weather (I know I did!) this past weekend! But, when I woke up this morning, the beautiful weather was gone! Instead rain and cloudy skies greeted me. Ok, so some of you might be thinking, it helped with the allergies (I have to agree!) and maybe some of you are thinking it was nice break in the weather (ok, I also agree with this argument too!), but it went from nice to very gloomy, very fast...hence "Juneary"!

Now with the change in weather, I sometimes find it hard to stay motivated especially since I want to hide under my covers and not do anything. So, recently I learned a valuable tip of blocking times off on your calendar so that you can get things done. Then when the weather changes (literally overnigh…

Touching People's Lives

I have a confession to make...
I am a grown up and have a day job. Yes, it's true! I do! I am actually a college instructor by day and a writer at night (or whenever I can squeeze in time). I guess I feel like a double agent...sometimes...just kidding.As the semester comes to an end, I have had some ups and downs. But for me, the best part is hearing at the end of semester, that my students learned so much in my class and I touched their lives somehow. This semester I kept some of the personal notes and wanted to share:"Thank you for all of your hard work""Dear Dr. Liz-I wanted to thank you for being an excellent educator. Thank you for making me so comfortable being in the class. The class was very interesting and your teaching style made it very enjoyable""It was a great semester of learning. I enjoyed your class ♥️""Good evening-thank you very much for an awesome semester. I feel I definitely learned a lot!!"As I write, I hope through my …

5 Stages of Grief

Have you seen the new Netflix show 13 Reasons Why? I recently saw it a few weeks ago and let me start out by saying that this show really dived into some heavy topics. There were a few moments that made me squeamish and very uncomfortable, but I was glad that I stuck by and finished watching it!

After watching the show, I realized that each of the 5 stages of grief or death (as some call it) was embedded into the show: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. We see how each stage is interwoven into the plot and the storyline. We see the struggles that each character feels as they overcome each state and learn to continue with their lives. To me this show really captured a real-life concept and told it in a very powerful way.

Now you might ask yourself, why am I bringing this up? Well, in my book, Grains of Truth, I do the exact same thing. I take a concept and twist it into the storyline. What I have found is that readers are able to relate what is going on in the story…

Through the Lens of Another

What do you call a rabbit with fleas? Bugs Bunny! Ha-ha! Love the one liner jokes around the holidays!

I can't believe it is already April and that means that Spring is flying by and Easter is upon us! This past week, I spent A LOT of time with my kiddos since it was their Spring Break. We did a lot of daytrips including visiting the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. It was fun to see things through my family's eyes. I loved seeing how their eyes lit up with amazement or how their voices filled with excitement as they saw something new.

Looking at things through the lens of another, makes you look at the world in a different light. Have you ever really stopped and heard your surroundings around you? Perhaps a bird chirping in the distance? Or the sound of rain pounding on the rooftop? The sounds that the wind makes? Or how when people talk it sounds like distant echoes?

As I write, I am learning that each of my character looks at things in different perspective…

Spring is Here

Happy spring everyone! The weather has been so unpredictable here in California and right now my family has been fighting allergies! So, hopefully you are also hanging in there.I am so excited about the next few months. Not only I am gearing up for the release of my debut novel, Grains of Truth, but I have been taking a great online Social Media course designed to help new authors. I am learning so much including the art of branding. My goal is post daily on Facebook and Pinterest! I plan to release excerpts from my book, talk about characters and ask you to interact with me.So, are you ready? I am! Here we go!

The New "Me"

I am who I am and I pretty much haven't exactly changed or do I plan on changing (the people that know me, know that I am a little chatterbox), but I am learning to grow my "brand" as a new author. This is the new "me". So going forward my goal for this next coming year is to "brand" myself.  As I prepare to launch my debut novel Grains of Truth (I promise it is on its way), I plan on taking a new approach. Don't get me wrong I am still going to cross some of my personal life with my professional life because that is how I stay connected with everyone and I enjoy seeing what everyone is doing.What I did was sign up for this online 21 day course about "branding" myself and using social media as a way to tell my story. I am on day 6 and honestly I have learned so much. There are so many social media outlets out there, but you can create your story on one and use the rest to drive people to check it out. So, I am hoping to create the new &q…